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【1】Why your price is so cheap?

^_^: Dear, we are all replica products, we use Similar or same qality material. And 100% design same as the luxury brand. our advantage: Good price+Good quality.

Luxury brand price is high, doesn't mean that their cost is high. They add too much profit in the price. even several hundred percent profit on the products. Luxury brand they normally not have factory. Just place order to some developing countries factories in China, Vietnam, Thailand etc.

All our products are outsouced from OEM factories who have done order for luxury brand, or some similar factories who able to make same quality. Except the cost, we only add little profit on it. So that is why our price is very competive.

【2】How is your quality?

^_^: Dear,in market have different quality replica. We only choose good quality. Not every luxury brand replica have 100% same quality.Some products can do 1:1 quality, some products 70-90% quality as original brand. Before you buy it, we will let you know the quality grade. For cloth/Shose/Bags series, more easily to do same quality. But for some technique products liek watches, have some difficult.

【3】 The price show in the albums is including shipping?

^_^: Nope, that price is just cost of products, not including shipping cost. You know different country the shipping cost is different. When you confirm the products, just send us mail to check the courier cost.

【4】Can we pay deposit, and after we got the parcel, we pay balance?

^_^: Sorry, dear, we only accept payment 100% in advance. About your doubt, we can only offer oral promise that we will 100% send you the parcel after got the payment. You know this business is different from other products. We can only run like this. So we need your trust. If you worry, then we suggest you go to luxury shop to buy^_^

【5】Is replica allow to export?

^_^: Technically, nope. We normally use EMS or Airmail, and we write on waybill like cloth sample,bag samples. We can assure it pass China custom, but in import coutnry. Normally it not have any problem.If u worry, better check which courier is better for you in your country. we will cooperate to change the courier.

【6】Every product show in the albums available?

^_^: Nope, not every products. Due to season change or the demand, some products may out of stock. But before you pay us, we will check if it is available or not.

【7】I want to buy some luxury brand replica, but not have in your albums, can you find for me?

^_^: Sure! Just offer us the picture.We will find for you. If it was produce in China, then we can find. If you are interested to buy other products from China, we also can outsouce for you.

Any question, just feel free to contact us ^_^

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